GCOX is led by a 30-strong team of advisors, founders, and management staff. With expertise across various domains in business and fintech, GCOX is set to take the crypto community by storm.



To be a global leader in the popularity index and the choice popularity index for celebrities.

To be the platform of choice for fans to connect and engage with their idols and celebrities.


To bring business fundamentals to the world of blockchain and create value for fans, celebrities and investors.

GCOX is the world’s first platform that tokenises popularity, enhancing the mainstream adoption of a token economy. GCOX helps celebrities create their personal crypto tokens and manage their ITS listing on the platform.

GCOX aims to establish the world’s first authoritative popularity index, through the valuation of Celebrity Tokens by market forces. The listing of celebrities’ Tokens on our exchange will provide an objective indication of their popularity.

Celeb-Connect enables celebrities to reach out to their fans and engage them in ways that were not possible before.

Celebrities and fans can connect through interactive sessions such as personalised birthday video greetings, pay-per-view (PPV) live streaming with virtual gifts, wish list campaigns, and meet and greet sessions.

CELEBRENEUR comes in 3 segments:

1. CELEB-MERCHANT – Fans can purchase celebrities products and services using celebrities’ personal crypto tokens.

2. FAN-MERCHANT - Fans can have the opportunity to be merchants on the platform of their favourite celebrity subjected to Celebrity’s agreement.

3. CELEB-AUCTION - Celebrities can auction their items or memorabilia through this program. There will be standard items and special items to be auctioned. The item will go to the highest bidder after a set time has passed.

With the rise of social media and connectivity, celebrities are now able to engage the community and their fans beyond writing cheques, and gravitate towards building a sense of purpose and conviction to the cause they are pursuing.

Celeb-Charity allows celebrities to use their immense influence to inspire action for a good cause, crowdfund for community projects and promote philanthropic work.


10% - GCOX Team

10% - Business Development

20% - ITS Participants (Private Sale)

60% - ITS Participants (Public Sale)