Due to the overwhelming response of GCOX’s World Cup Celebrity Challenge,
GCOX is opening up the challenge once again and the winner will stand to win 88,000 ACM!

Impersonate your favourite celebrity on video
and taking the following steps

Create an account at https://gcox.com

Post your celebrity impression video on our Facebook page (@GCOX)
and share it on your profile

Post your celebrity impression video on Instagram with the hashtag #GCOX

Don’t forget to comment on Instagram and Facebook with the email address
you used to sign up on https://gcox.com

Check to see if your video has achieved a minimum of 300 combined likes and views

Finally, like and share GCOX’s page!


88,000 Acclaim tokens. Visit www.gcox.com/participate to find out more about ACM.

18 and above as of 1st July 2018

30th Sep 2018 23:59H (GMT+8)

Any of your favourite celebrity/actor/athlete. Please avoid any religious and political figures.

Your video should be at least 30 secs and no longer than 59 seconds

Yes, the video can be shot on phone or a camera. Please make sure it is of high resolution and quality settings.

No. Videos posted after the 30th Sep 2018 deadline will not be considered.

Video Requirements

  • Shoot a video of yourself impersonating a celebrity / athlete / actor.
  • Each video is to be at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 59 seconds.
  • Film in high quality setting on phone or camera.
  • Please avoid religious or political content
  • Please avoid sexual, objectionable or illegal content
Terms & Conditions apply*

The challenge ends on 30th Sep 2018, so get the ball rolling with your videos today!