About Acclaim

Acclaim トークン (ACM) は、合計 10億 および最小単位 0.00000001で、分散型取引所 (DEX)で取引されるセレブリティートークンおよび通貨トークンの基準通貨です。 Acclaim トークンは、異なるセレブリティがそれぞれ異なるセレブリティートークンを取引する手段として利用されている。

The Applause token (APL) is the gas token that controls the utilisation of Acclaim network resources. APL has a maximum total limit of 1 billion and a minimum unit of 0.00000001.
GCOX is a monetisation ecosystem powered by blockchain technology and built on the Acclaim Blockchain.
                        The Acclaim blockchain is in turn based on the NEO blockchain with 15-20 second blocks and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (“dBFT”) consensus mechanism. dBFT is a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanism with Proof of Stake (“PoS”) like features that enables large-scale consensus participation through proxy voting to select a group of consensus nodes. Core level features such as a Decentralised Exchange (“DEX”) will be inbuilt natively on the Acclaim blockchain to enable users to easily trade tokens with privacy and complete freedom in a standard and seamless way.
ICO Model