About Acclaim

The ACCLAIM token (symbol: ACM) is the base token for all Celebrity Tokens creation, trading in the inbuilt DEX, with a total of 1 billion and a minimum unit of 0.00000001. The ACCLAIM token serves as a mean of exchange for the many different Celebrity Tokens corresponding to different celebrities.

The Applause token (APL) is the gas token that controls the utilisation of Acclaim network resources. APL has a maximum total limit of 1 billion and a minimum unit of 0.00000001.
GCOX is a monetisation ecosystem powered by blockchain technology and built on the Acclaim Blockchain.
                        The Acclaim blockchain is in turn based on the NEO blockchain with 15-20 second blocks and Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (“dBFT”) consensus mechanism. dBFT is a Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus mechanism with Proof of Stake (“PoS”) like features that enables large-scale consensus participation through proxy voting to select a group of consensus nodes. Core level features such as a Decentralised Exchange (“DEX”) will be inbuilt natively on the Acclaim blockchain to enable users to easily trade tokens with privacy and complete freedom in a standard and seamless way.
ICO Model